Environmentally Friendly Surface Engineering
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Bearing Characteristics

When you need to have a joint that is very strong, in a tough environment, where lubrication is difficult or impossible, and you need it to perform well technically - Nitrotec may well be the answer. 

Ball joints are the example we often refer to, as these are usually critical to the operation of the master body (e.g. the car) and because the treatment works so well, customers tend to rely on our competence and expertise and "forget" the top class quality and technical delivery. Nitrotec works.

The corrosion resistance delivered by the Nitrotec process allows the components to be used in tough environments where lubrication is difficult or impossible, where other solutions break down due to corrosion.

Because of the ability to retain oil and the inherent wear resistance, Nitrotec treated surfaces may operate in contact with one another without the need to employ individual bearings.

Bearings commonly need very high internal strength, as they are used in tough environments - and the component needs to be capable of withstanding a real battering over long periods of time. 

The materials you use in your component will affect the achieved results - talk with our specialists before you decide which to use. Our advice often leads to clients saving money! 


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