Environmentally Friendly Surface Engineering
Nitrotec black
Strengthening using Nitrotec

A unique benefit of the Nitrotec process is the extent of strengthening possible. During our process, we form an ultra-hard compound layer on the surface, and in addition, the base material will be hardened to a controlled depth that may be about 0.5 mm from the surface.

The hardened zone greatly increases yield and fatigue strength. For press-work, the proportion of strengthening means that overall yield strength could triple. Pressed parts will be vastly stronger and more rigid. Designs will be able to withstand greater loading, or components made thinner and lighter. 

Numerous customers have used the Nitrotec treatment to achieve extra-ordinary design output with high engineering and technical capability. Simple mesh can become strong air filters capable of withstanding great pressure and impacts: thin materials can be used as covers with real inherent strength. 

The Nitrotec process results in an increase in both yield strength of the base material and its fatigue strength.

When you want a your components to look great - treat it in the Nitrotec way!

Nitrotec delivers excellent characteristics and it looks great. Solid black is a winner!

Take a mesh or a drilled plate, a pressed plate or a thinned dish. Treat with Nitrotec. 

Think Fantastic.


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