Environmentally Friendly Surface Engineering
Nitrotec black
Wear Resistance Qualities of Nitrotec 

The hardness of the part is developed through the heat treatment process, within a controlled nitrocarburising atmosphere, and takes several hours, at a specific temperature to produce the desired properties.

Over many years the type of components treated with Nitrotec have included: 

  • Cam shafts
  • Ball studs
  • Cover plates
  • Clutch levers
  • Mud shields
  • Piston rods
  • Pivot pins
  • Seat brackets
  • Swivel hubs
  • White Goods components
Talk with us to discover whether your components can gain as much from Nitrotec. 

A key property of the Nitrotec surface layer is that it has columnar micro-porosity which is capable of retaining lubricant - and so not only is the component hard, but it can hold a lubrication layer. 

This means that where parts that are required to fit together smoothly - such as ball and sockets - that rotate and move forming a mobile joint, have a single treatment that delivers the hardness necessary (for durability in difficult environments) plus a lubrication for smooth operations. 

Many customers in the Oil & Gas and sub-sea industries use Nitrotec to great effect. 

These properties of hardness and intrinsic lubrication together lead to the resistance to wear of the part, sought by so many of our customers. 


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