Environmentally Friendly Surface Engineering
About Us
Nitrotec is owned by Aalberts Surface Technologies Heat Ltd, part of Aalberts N.V.

We specialise in providing the licensed Nitrotec® Surface Engineering Process throughout the world. Centred in the main production facility in Birmingham UK with full production, testing and research facilities. Nitrotec also provides subcontract processing via sister companies and approved licensees across the world.

The Nitrotec process is environmentally friendly, and our clean technology has won numerous prestigious awards. Nitrotec leads the world in the exploitation of this green technology and provides Technical consultancy is available on a worldwide basis, in support of its implementation.

Nitrotec personnel have been responsible for engineering projects worldwide and our specialists are global leaders in their areas of expertise, with internationally recognised qualifications, both academic and professional. The expertise in the application of Nitrotec® Surface Engineering is continuously being updated and added to, alongside our continuous improvement of the process technology.

Nitrotec® Surface Engineering is applied and approved by the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, hydraulics and actuation system providers, machinery constructors and producers of consumer goods.

Nitrotec® Surface Engineered components are found in a wide range of applications including the car, the office, the home, the hospital, in industrial switchgear and in aeroplanes.

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