Environmentally Friendly Surface Engineering
Nitrotec black

Strengthening using Nitrotec

Where customers seek to use thin metals to deliver real performance plus aesthetically pleasing results, Nitrotec is a great option. 

Yield strength (M.p.a.) of a Nitrotec treated component can be up to 5 times better than an untreated part - (say using a low carbon, non-alloy steel). To understand the effect of Nitrotec on the materials you use, contact us.

Nitrotec strengthens steel making new and higher quality, novel designs possible.
Nitrotec black

Bearing Characteristics

Because the Nitrotec treatment delivers a surface that is inherently lubricated, Nitrotec treated parts can interact with one-another and form an alternative to a moving bearing system. Especially where the environment is difficult (e.g. Sub-sea) Nitrotec is a great solution.

Your clever and attractive engineering design can work simply and effectively - providing a smooth operation for your consumers using the Nitrotec surface treatment option. 

Learn about how treated surfaces interact with each other...
Nitrotec treated parts

Corrosion Resistance

The Nitrotec Protective Coating is a better choice for corrosion resistance than most Chromium plating alternatives. Coupled with the far superior environmental impact delivered by Nitrotec, many parts are now treated by Nitrotec as a design preference. 

The key reason for higher and improved performance is the Nitrotec layer and the integral micro porous layer containing an organic sealant - which can protect your component for extended periods. 

Click for more about how the Nitrotec process protects against corrosion.
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Surface Finish

In recent years black surface treatments have gained credibility and are often favoured in what were previously seen an exclusively "chrome" options. 

With Nitrotec, your components are finished with a smooth compound layer which has a beautiful black appearance.  

The Nitrotec treatment delivers a non-metallic, non-cold feel to the touch, a very hard and durable surface that is easy to clean and will last for many years. The process will help you to deliver excellent value for money.
Ready for Nitriding

Dimension Control

Traditional individual hardening processes (e.g. Salt Bath) may lead to some distortion of the component, or some internal issues that could lead to early failure of the part. This is usually caused by the rapid temperature cooling of the "quenching" operation necessary to create hardness. 

The Nitrotec process does not involve the quenching of components in order to achieve hardness, so leading to the delivery of close tolerance performance - especially where parts are thinned.

Talk to our specialists about your dimension control issues - we may be able to solve them for you.


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Nitrotec black

Wear Resistance Qualities of Nitrotec 

The compound layer that is produced during the Nitrotec process creates high surface hardness in the component.

One of the key properties of this surface layer is that of micro-porosity capable of retaining lubricant - and when treated, the component has significant hardness, and is lubricated.

These together lead to the resistance to wear of the part that is sought by so many of our customers.

Nitrotec black

Indentation Resistance 

An important property of Nitrotec is that the component gains a hardness profile to a depth of approximately 0.5 mm

This can allow the design engineer to thin the part, and benefit from a corresponding reduction in weight and manufacturing costs. 

Perhaps the Nitrotec treatment will enable your components to resist indentation better.

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Non Toxic Process

Nitrotec does not use heavy metals within the process. There are no dangerous metals or minerals used in the process, or that remain on the part after the process. 

Our licensed and protected process is one that is used around the world to deliver excellence of function, whilst using an environmentally friendly process.

Talk with our specialists to find out more.

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