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Comparison of Heat Treatment processes

Process Comparison - Nitrotec® vs The Rest

The process of Nitrotec is compared with several others, above, available to manufacturers of metal or steel components.  The charts show how the different treatments use heat and time to infuse and affect the substrate of the metal. 

In summary, the Nitrotec process is operated at lower temperatures, for shorter periods, to achieve the necessary properties in the final components and parts. Additionally, the Nitrotec process achieves multiple properties simultaneously, and so the part does not need to undergo so many processes to completion - thus avoiding additional cost. 

Nitrotec also delivers a Black Surface Finish that reduces the coefficient of friction - achieved through the Nitrotec Coating. 
For many materials, the metal may be thinned and thus costs reduced.

Nitro-Carburising is an advanced form of Nitrotec, and in controlled environments can extend some the properties of the Nitrotec process. Talk with us to discover which of our processes will achieve your objectives most efficiently and cost effectively

The Nitrotec treatment is closely related to Nitrocarburising (or Nitrocarburizing) processes that deliver types of surface hardness for specific purposes. 
Sometimes these named references are shortened to "Nitrocarb" or "Nicarb" or "Ni-carb" processes.

Generally, the Nitrotec process has the outcome of high performance for a lower investment. 

Take some time to review all of the beneficial properties that Nitrotec has over other processes 
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